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As owner of TRIAD HR Consulting, Dorothy A. Person brings 40 years’ experience in a human resources management and consulting with employers. She has a Masters of Public Administration certification, Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification and attended the University of Minnesota Business Administration.


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PERFORMANCE FEEDBACK - COMMENTS OR DEFAMATION? Performance reviews are often difficult – both for the employee and for the supervisor.  Statements made by management during the review are critical and can be the basis for lawsuits. In California, an attorney who was an associate in a law firm, sued her [...]


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EQUAL PAY DAY April 10, 2018   This is a symbolic day to mark how far into the year women have to work to earn the same amount as men earned - 22% less = 100 days more work Women overall 80 cents for $1 men earn The effect on [...]

Spring is in the Air! Dating and Relationships at Work

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As spring approaches, love is in the air. We meet each other online, at church, bars, gym, or at work. It’s a common place to meet – at work.  We spend more of our time as adults at the workplace.  Many times we travel together and work side by side. [...]

Complainant Interview sample

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 COMPLAINANT INVESTIGATION NOTES   Name and Job Title of Complainant________________________________ Interviewer Name:                                                   Date, time, location of interview:   Others Present:   Facts of Complaint (who, what, where, when, why)             Witnesses (date, time, place, others involved)       Effects on Complainant and Outcome requested: [...]


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INVESTIGATION ADVICE, TRAINING, INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATOR   LET’S DISCUSS.  CALL US OR EMAIL TRIAD HR CONSULTING 512.734.0103.  Dorothy@triadhrconsulting.com.   www.triadhrconsulting.com       9 STEPS TO INTERNAL INVESTIGATIONS 1.  Investigation Planning   Begin planning within 2-4 days of complaint.  Document date of planning, who involved. Investigations must be “prompt”.  Court cases have [...]


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Recent NBC poll indicates 48% of women in U.S. reported unwelcome sexual advance or verbal/physical harassment at work. Also  recent events from the worlds of Hollywood, politics, and business have brought to our attention once again how pervasive this issue is. In a 2016 EEOC report of Harassment in Workplace [...]

Bermuda Triangle of Leaves of Absence

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BERMUDA TRIANGLE OF LEAVES The Bermuda Triangle of Leaves – ADA, Work Comp, Leaves.  The coming together of these three requirements and law and regulations result in a Bermuda Triangle!  Pitfalls and disappearances! Key to improving this confusion is to know:                 What is a disability?                 Medical certification is [...]

Is your Website Inclusive in Job Applications?

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October 5, 2017 Inclusiveness Website Accessibility? Does your on line application process stop applicants with disabilities? Are qualified people unable to apply for your openings? We get so involved with keeping up with technology and find that it’s so easy to overlook what others are running up against. We don’t [...]