October 5, 2017

Inclusiveness Website Accessibility?

Does your on line application process stop applicants with disabilities? Are qualified people unable to apply for your openings?

We get so involved with keeping up with technology and find that it’s so easy to overlook what others are running up against. We don’t stop to realize that we may be excluding others unintentionally and missing out on great talent out there!
There are 30 million Americans of working age with have a disability. But only 20% of them are working, so yes, there is reason for concern.

The Partnership on Employment and Accessible Technology (PEAT), conducted a survey of people with disabilities. The survey results showed that 46% rated their last job application experience on line as “difficult to impossible”. Their comments included:
• Complex navigation and timeout restrictions
• Poor screen contrast.
• Applications that rely on color, graphics or text embedded with graphics to convey directions or important information.
• Images that convey information, but do not have alternative text for individuals using screen readers.
• Applications that cannot be navigated with keystrokes and require using a mouse.
• Videos or audio instructions that are not closed captioned.
• CAPTCHA tests—used to determine whether or not the user is human—without an audio option.
• Lack of information on how to request an accommodation.

It is recommended that you check your job applications, describe graphics, use white space to set apart text and allow for various ways to submit a resume such as old fashioned mail, email or in person.

It is all about inclusiveness.

Take this moment of increased awareness to check your on line system, your inclusion policy, hiring and onboarding processes with the thought of inclusiveness and looking for the best applicants.

Reaching out on line with a simple statement that an applicant can call for support goes a long way!

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