Sound familiar?  Think of the manager you most admire.   Or Your worst boss.  Yourself?

A good boss is one who makes you want to go to work in the morning.  Vice Versa- a bad boss is when you dread getting out of bed

Surveys of employees in their 20’s and 30’s say that they will leave a job not for the work, or pay or benefits.   They leave most often because of the relationship with their boss.

When asked what makes a supervisor successful?  The traits most commonly quoted as the core expectations:

  1. people influence – influence on the employees, the boss/es, customers/clients
  2. technical strength – most supervisors are promoted from the professional/technical area of expertise. They then are expected to pass this expertise on to others.
  3. continuous improvement – they make sure the employees do not lag behind but to provide for growth, changing with equipment, technology, laws, regulations, etc.

What is the key to their success?

  • Relationships Matter –  Manager, Staff, Boss.  Managers are promoted primarily based on their technical skills.  The people management is often a secondary consideration, if a consideration at all.
  • Build Team cooperation – Good managers build good relationships with other teams and strengthen inter departmental coordination.  Good managers attract great staff.  The staff are engaged, committed and go the extra mile.   Employee and manager relationships are based on trust, commitment and engagement.
  • Lead by Example – employees see in you your high ethics in your work.  Your day to day people interactions reflect the organization’s policies and goals.  Good supervisors communicate with employees to help them see how they contribute to the big picture, mission and long-term achievements.

How do you manage?

What are your priorities (quiz) by rating yourself:  rarely, sometimes, often.

  1. I make time to find out what helps my people be successful.
  2. I expect only the best from everyone.
  3. I encourage everyone to see the same objectives
  4. I let my team figure out how to best work together.
  5. I follow up with an employee if their behavior has a negative impact.

How did you do?  Of course, there are no right or wrong answers.  The answers reflect your personal style.  Ask your employees to rate you.  Take to heart their answers.  Is it time for you to refine and improve?

Since the expectations of the 18-35-year-old employee are of inclusiveness, team interaction, immediate feedback and opportunities for growth, your challenges are clear.  You won’t want to let these energetic employees to go unchallenged either.

When the job market is a Candidate’s Market as it is now, if your employees don’t feel engaged, they will look to other employers who match their needs and who respond to the opportunity.

Good supervisors work with an employee so that the employee understands expectations and how to get there.  The good manager discusses needs, identify roadblocks to success.

Are you where do you want to be?

Leadership Development ensures that you and your managers have the people skills to work with the changing workforce. 

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