I wanted to let you know that the Department of Labor has a new I9 form required for your use.

SO many times employers don’t realize there is a new form that is required.
The deadline to begin using this new form was Sept. 18 2017. Link to the new form – electronic and paper


2nd new form this year (Nov 2016). Every time a new form is released, important to use new form. You can use paper version or you can use the on line. The on line version offers links and always should have the most updated info.

All new hires need to complete, provide with proper identification to verify employment eligibility.

The stated goal was to simplify wording, format and make it more user friendly.

If you have questions, please check my web page – TRIAD HR Consulting.com for you to browse and get my free report on federal requirements that businesses need to be aware of.
Several new items including:

Form of ID consular report of birth abroad form S-240 foreign born children to US Citizens, any State Dept. issued birth certificates and access on line form completion
List C 3 different types of alien authorizations to work
Specifies uses of social security number
Some minor wording changes
Wording change to form being completed no later than first day of paid work
Name change for DOJ section

You must switch and use the new form – Sept. 18. Be aware – there are significant increases in fines for violations that were passed last year.

As always, important that employer inspects documents in person (remote viewing by webcam not allowed), completes and signs.


employers maintain separate file of copies so that if the Feds visit you, all information is easily accessible.


Use of EVerify. It’s a great way to document and check with databases. And it protects your company. Print and save a copy of the outcome of the E Verify
I9 form began use in 1980’s and have gone through many changes, although the purpose and general practices are similar. Employers cannot specify which documents are used.
Reminder – it is illegal to discriminate against individuals who are work authorized.
Unfortunately, there are legal and financial ramifications for not processing I-9 properly.

Earlier this year Panda Express fined for improper reverifications – a settlement agreement with Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. (Panda Express), a restaurant chain with over 1,800 locations. A settlement to pay a civil penalty of $400,000 to the United States, establish a $200,000 back pay fund to compensate workers who lost wages due to the company’s practices, train its human resources personnel on the requirements of the INA’s anti-discrimination provision, and be subject to departmental monitoring and reporting requirements.

It was alleged that Panda Express unnecessarily required lawful permanent resident workers to re-establish their work authorization when their Permanent Resident Cards expired, while not making similar requests to U.S. citizen workers when their documents expired.

Lessons learned:
So be sure to check your verification processes, be sure your practices are consistent, be sure all your employees are trained

If you have questions, please check my web page – TRIAD HR Consulting.com or give me a call.

Please feel free to contact me for any further questions.

Dorothy Person