As we’ve discussed in the two previous posts, the new I-9 for is required to be used by all employers by September 18, 2017.

Last month Panda Express was fined for improper reverifications –   a settlement agreement with Panda Restaurant Group, Inc. (Panda Express), a restaurant chain with over 1,800 locations.  A settlement to pay a civil penalty of $400,000 to the United States, establish a $200,000 back pay fund to compensate workers who lost wages due to the company’s practices, train its human resources personnel on the requirements of the INA’s anti-discrimination provision, and be subject to departmental monitoring and reporting requirements.

It was alleged that Panda Express unnecessarily required lawful permanent resident workers to re-establish their work authorization when their Permanent Resident Cards expired, while not making similar requests to U.S. citizen workers when their documents expired.

Lessons learned:

  • Be sure to check your verification processes
  • Be sure your practices are consistent
  • Be sure all your employees are trained

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