As we told you in our previous post, the new I-9 form is required to be used by all employers by Sept. 18, 2017.

Several new items on the new form include:

  1. Form of ID consular report of birth abroad form S-240 foreign born children to US Citizens; any State Dept. issued birth certificates and access on line form completion
  2. List C 3 different types of alien authorizations to work
  3. Specifies uses of the social security number
  4. Some minor wording changes
  5. Wording change to form being completed no later than first day of paid work
  6. Name change for DOJ section and updated appearances

You can start using ASAP but MUST Switch before September 18 with significant increases in fines for violations last year.

As a reminder – all new hires need to complete the I-9 form, provide with proper identification to verify employment eligibility and the employer needs to sign and date its authorization.

As always, important that employer inspects documents in person (remote viewing by webcam not allowed), completes and signs.

Recommended: employers maintain separate file of copies.  Use a separate file or notebook of all your employees’ I-9.  This allows easier and faster access in the event you have an audit.

Recommended:  Use of E-Verify.  It’s a great way to document and check with federal databases.  And it protects your company.  Print and save a copy of the outcome of the E-Verify.

Historically, the I9 form began use in 1980’s and has gone through many changes in appearance and content.  However  the overall purpose and general practices are similar through the years.

Reminder – it is illegal to discriminate against individuals who are work authorized.

Employers also cannot specify which documents are used, as long as they are in the “List of Acceptable Documents” as noted on page 3 of the form.

The possibility of fines and penalties are real.  In our next post, we’ll tell you about a case where an employer was fined for improper reverifications.

As always, if you have questions about this or other HR Issues, please contact us, we’re happy to talk with you.